Wednesday, June 22, 2016

GTECH Work Day Update: 6/16

    Last week we had another work day with GTECH to keep moving along with our Green Playce.  We did a little maintenance on a few pieces, and attempted to get the dirt pile a wee bit smaller (we were sort of successful, although it is hard to tell).  

    One of the big plans was to get new dirt into the garden and to pick out the weeds.  Pictured are some radishes and spinach.  

    Work continued on the birds nest and steps leading to the slide to the left of the nest.  A lot of the dirt will be brought up there to help form a solid foundation for the slide.

    Once again, a HUGE thank you to GTECH for making this project possible and for supplying us with these opportunities to be a part of the process.  We are ecstatic to keep working and moving forward with the project.

    GTECH's site can be found here, while the Green Playces project overview can be seen here!

    To check out some of what it used to look like you can either check out blog posts from the school year programming, or take a look at our past blog post about the volunteer work day with American Eagle Outfitters.

- Steven

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