Thursday, June 9, 2016

GTECH Green Playces - AEO work day @ ALEC!

    We had the utmost pleasure to have a GTECH volunteer work day at ALEC.  The volunteers were staff from AEO here in Pittsburgh!  American Eagle also presented GTECH with a check to assist with expenses in building the ALEC Green Playce.  

    Several projects were scheduled for the day.  Painting all wood surfaces, starting work on the birds nest space, and starting the slope for the slide.  Groups also finished the other 3 mobile planters, and helped clear out much of the weeds and rocks on the slope.  A few volunteers also created a "pizza garden", which is split into section to grow typical herbs used in pizza and pasta sauces.

    A HUGE thank you to AEO Better World volunteers for coming to our site, GTECH Stategies for our Green Playce, and Pittsburgh Cares for helping arrange this work day!  We are on our way towards a completed Green Playce!

- To read about past AEO Better World Community Day projects, click here!
- For info about GTECH and the Green Playces projects, click this one!
- For info about volunteering with Pittsburgh Cares, you should definitely click here!
    Also check out these hashtags on social media - #aeobetterworld and #greenplayces - to stay up to date on their projects!

- Steven

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