Thursday, May 5, 2016

A "Grandview" for Final Venture Outdoors

    Our final visit from Venture Outdoors was up at Grandview Park, where trip leader Ms. Brittany broke the students up into several groups and asked them to create their own park on paper.  

    Each group had about 10-15 minutes to plan and draw their own park ideas.  Some common themes were parks with a petting zoo of some sort and parks with playgrounds that tons of people could use.

     After finishing their posters, the students presented to the group and discussed why they included specific things.  We held onto the posters to utilize with the Love Your Block campaign coming soon to Grandview!

    And so our time with Venture Outdoors this school year comes to a close.  We took numerous hikes to Grandview Park to enjoy the fresh air, the beautiful views, and the wide open spaces.  We walked with snowshoes, we went on nature hikes, and were challenged by nature scavenger hunts.  We cannot thank Venture Outdoors enough for spending so much time with us this year!  We look forward to spending more time with you this summer!  Happy Spring everyone!

- Steven

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