Monday, April 18, 2016

Venture Outdoors Awards and More!

   Last week was our second to last Monday with Venture Outdoors, and the trip leaders brought the students certificates and a gift - a water bottle!  The ecofriendly, hard plastic water bottles were prized by all, and the students continue to use them as we have seen them everyday since they were passed out.

    The trip leaders had several outdoor games planned as well, even though the weather wasn't the best.  Starting off with some simple circle games, we progressed to the more complicated but still team-oriented event.

    For lack of a better name, the log walk was a huge hit.  The youth enjoyed racing each other and trying different combinations of teams, and once they had the hang of it they worked well together!  The rain and cold did little to distract them from having fun!

    With only one more outing left with Venture Outdoors, we can only say thank you for such an awesome year!  We explored many different outdoor activities, we talked about why nature and the outdoors is so important to us, and how we can continue to protect and enjoy it!  A huge thank you to everyone who made it possible for them to share these experiences and lead us all year long!

- Steven

"Wilderness is not a luxury but necessity of the human spirit."
- Edward Abbey

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