Thursday, April 7, 2016

Brashear Teens: Crash Course in Chemistry!

Hey guys! Danyelle here again from the Hilltop YMCA. Even though the center is temporarily closed, we still had a great turnout for our day of science exploration with Ms. Brittany from Alcosan's Scholastic Outreach team.

After reviewing what Alcosan does for our communities, she discussed how STEM plays a HUGE role in their processes and related basic chemistry to the larger, more complex activities they conduct at the plant. The students really enjoy working with Ms. Brittany and they have retained a lot of the things she's shared with them!

Ms. Brittany started off the lesson by teaching the students some basics about the pH scale and how substances are acidic, basic, or neutral. Then she had the students guess if specific liquids were acids, bases, or neutral and then to estimate their number on the pH scale. Next they tested the liquids with litmus paper to see how well their guesses matched with the actual number on the pH scale. (The teens learned how to put the scientific method into action!)

We wrapped up the lesson by talking about what substances could be in each of the solutions that would determine the pH level and did some mixing to see what altering the solutions would do to the acidity/base level. Everyone had a great time learning about chemistry with Ms. Brittany. We can't wait for her return next month for another lesson and some outreach at Hilltop Community Days!

Join us next Wednesday, April 13 as Ms. Liz returns from GPCFB's Kids Cook to do some nutrition education and make a tasty, healthy snack with the teens! See you at 4! Bring a friend! The doors open at 3:30!


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