Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Milk Shakes and Penny Launchers

To celebrate the opening of Breakfast at Shelly's a few weeks ago we brought the ALEC kids down for milkshakes! They had a blast choosing their flavors and having the place to themselves. Everyone working was so great and made the trip so easy and fun!

Next stop was the opening of Academy Pittsburgh which is a new organization aimed towards teaching coding and other useful computer skills. Our kids watched a great presentation on the uses of 3-D printing and were able to check out some of the products made on site!

We also learned how to use penny launchers which were created by the 3-D printers. It was a lot of fun putting the pieces together and seeing how the printers were able to create many different types of objects.

Here are some great shots taken by Ryan Haggerty of Haggerty Media at the event.

Thanks again to Breakfast at Shelly's and Academy Pittsburgh for sharing your space with us and making this great field trip possible!


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