Monday, April 4, 2016

Brashear Teens: Bunnies, Bandanas, and Bird Treats!

Hey guys! Danyelle here again from the Hilltop. We've been so busy I forgot to post last week! Arts & crafts has been the theme for the last two weeks. We've been having a lot of fun creatively re-using common items and doing some philanthropy. Some of the items we made were for others (family members and birds) and we discussed the importance of doing things for others while enjoying the task ourselves!

Last week, we used socks to create bunnies, no sewing required! Although the directions say to fill them with rice, we used beans instead so it wasn't as messy. We also used spare items from other projects for the decorations. It just goes to show you can make anything work with what you have on hand if you use your imagination!

Veronica from CLP's LYNCS program returned this week with not one, but TWO activities for our teens. Spring is a great time to show off new fashions and I had noticed that many of our students had new sneakers and other items. These bandanas were a great addition to anyone's wardrobe and all the kids did a great job creating a bandana to fit his/her tastes. It was pretty messy, but everyone had a great time!

Spring also means the birds are back! It's still been a little chilly and they might be having a hard time finding food, so we made them some tasty treats to enjoy until the weather warms up. It was ridiculously easy to make these and again, quite messy, but that's all in the fun! I'm certain the birds will love them!

Even though services at the Hilltop will be on haitus for the youth, we will still continue to program every Wednesday from 4-5 (doors open at 3:30 PM). Next week: science! Neutralizing acids with Brittany from Alcosan's Scholastic Outreach team! See you there!


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