Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Launching Ships and "Play-Doh"!

    Hello all!  While we're back from the Pittsburgh spring break, we have a few posts from before the break that we're dishing out!  This was from our science day, and once again the KEYS Service Corps members serving at Hilltop YMCA came down and led a STEM activity with Ms. Sarah's class.

    The students were able to make their own ships using paper and tape, and could decorate them however they wished.  Afterwards, they started to launch them with the homemade launcher!

    Meanwhile, Ms. Shannon led the activity with the 4th and 5th grade class.  Using dish soap and corn starch, the students were able to mix in some food coloring to create their own "play-doh".

    Ms. Shannon gave each student a chance to help in the making of the large dough; some stirred, some added ingredients, and other were able to take chunks out to pass around so everyone could feel the dough,

    Both classes were doing activities that the other class had already done, so it was a good day and all of the kids enjoyed having a chance to participate.  After the Pittsburgh schools spring break, we're back and ready for more science!

- Steven

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