Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Impressionism with Water Colors

For our first lesson in painting we looked to the impressionist movement. We took several famous paintings and zoomed in to look at the unique brush strokes that defined the movement. We also talked about why artists may have chosen this unrefined look as their style.

We talked about what methods we would use to recreate these strokes and how they differed between artists. For this project I thought water color paints would be our best option. The kids really liked using distinct colors like in the Van Gogh paintings we looked at. We experimented a lot with mixing colors and using different size brushes.

The finished products turned out pretty great. They really got the concepts and each student put their own spin on it. Monet inspired quite a few landscapes and water scenes. It's really great to watch the class adapt to each new medium we use.

“Instead of trying to accurately render what is before my eyes, I use color more arbitrarily, to express myself more powerfully.” - Vincent van Gogh



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