Thursday, March 10, 2016

Exploring the Air with Venture Outdoors

    Recently we had the privilege of doing a cool activity with our friends Venture Outdoors.  They brought their own guest with them, and together they showed the students all about measuring the amount of particles in the air.  

   Several stations were set up at ALEC.  One station gave us a base reading, meaning that it was measuring the normal state of the air.  Another station had a bottle of baby powder which was sprayed around the device.  At another spot, water was sprayed from a bottle around the device.  The final spot was outdoors, where the students read the meter and were astonished to find out that the air was "better" outdoors, due to the wind.

    The final activity for the day was exploring what our air is like.  The students learned about the composition of our air, and were able to make diagrams using colored beads to represent the different gases in the air.

    For many of them, it was a different science class than they are used to, and definitely a unique activity with Venture Outdoors.  We hope this will encourage them to get outside more and experience the fresh air - especially with this wonderful weather!  We hope you'll do the same!

- Steven

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