Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Design Charrette with GTECH!

    A couple weeks ago we were visited by Ian and Gavin from GTECH (Growth Through Energy & Community Health), who were here to talk with our students and hear some of their ideas about how we can make use of the overgrown lot behind the alley.

    Ian and Gavin sat through presentations from the students, most of which included either a flower garden of some sort or else a treehouse/fort structure.  They also went around a table set up with pictures of possible items and ideas to include in the space.

    It was really encouraging for the students to be able to voice their opinions and show their creativity for our guests.  There are still a few steps before things start looking different, but this was an important part of the process and we're glad we could be part of it!  Thank you, GTECH, and everyone else who is helping to make this happen!  We couldn't do it without you!

- Steven

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