Friday, March 18, 2016

Brashear Teens: Mod Podge with Ms. Veronica from CLP's LYNCS!

Hey guys! Danyelle 'back at it again with' Brashear Teens from the Hilltop YMCA! This week, Ms. Veronica from Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's community outreach program, LYNCS, brought us a fun, easy craft project using Mod Podge. Our teens made some great up-cycled decorative glass jars during today's session. Take a look!

Ms. Veronica showed our students how to use the Mod Podge as a glue to attach tissue paper of their chosing to a glass jar to create a unique storage piece.

Everyone was intently engaged with this easy, but patience-requiring activity. It was also a great time to just talk to the teens about what's going on in their lives in a non-threatening, safe environment. Teens need a place to relax and express themselves and we're so glad we can do that for them here!

The students did an amazing job with their projects and we can't wait for Ms. Veronica to come back again at the end of the month!

Join us next week, Wednesday, March 23 for Jeopardy (with prizes!) OR screen printing. Let me know which one you want and we'll go from there! See you at 4 pm!


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