Thursday, February 18, 2016

Brashear Teens: Game Night!

Hey guys! Danyelle from the Hilltop again. This week we gathered for Game Night with the teens. We had some snacks, laughed, and made some great memories. Sometimes, teens just need a place to relax, hang out, and enjoy being with each other. More often then not, a lot of our teens have a lot of difficult circumstances going on in their lives and they're forced to grow up too quickly. It's important that they have a safe place to be themselves and just be kids! Brashear Teens is more than happy to provide this for them!

Games also provide opportunities to expand skills in sneaky ways without pushing the learning aspect, including STEM skills. Jenga, for example, introduces students to problem-solving, engineering, and physics. Kids also acquire 'soft-skills,' such as communication, enthusiasm, and social capital, all of which are essential to success in school and in the workplace.

Turn-taking games, such as Uno increase attention, mutual respect, and strategy. The teens had a blast trying to tell each other what cards they should put down and making mutual decisions.

Twister might've been the biggest hit! When you're forced to share a tight space with others, you have to put aside your differences and 'negotiate' to make your move on the mat. This puts some outside of their 'comfort zone' and they really have to test their limits not only physically, but mentally. Some of the AmeriCorps members even joined in on the fun and we made a new friend, too!

Join us next Wednesday, February 24 at 4 PM for Movie Night. I think we'll be watching Goosebumps, but text me at (412)620-8234 if you have other suggestions! See you there!


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  1. Very interesting post! They are very fun games for children and for older people too! Jenga Giant game is difficult and fun.



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