Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Snow Day Indoors!

Another fun day with the library! This week Miss Laura brought us some fun snow themed activities. We read a little about how snowflakes are created and all the different ways snowflakes can be structured. We all learned a lot of new things to really make us look at snow differently! As usual she had a craft to go along with our book. With just Styrofoam cups, balloons and paper, we made some snowman snow shooters.

  • The kids cut out snowman faces and glued them onto the cups, which already had the bottoms cut out.
  • Next step is to cut a balloon in half so that the bottom will fit over the bottom of the cup.
  • Once that balloon is attached: load up your cotton balls, aim, pull the balloon back, and fire!

Cotton ball snow fights were happening all around! A great game to play when the kids love snow, but it's way too cold to be outside. 

Thanks again Laura! Can't wait to see what the theme is next time!


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