Tuesday, January 19, 2016

ALEC's New Additions: The More the Merrier

It's the start of the semester and we have a couple new kids joining us. We want them to feel just as much a part of what we have as kids who have been here all year so we thought how better to introduce them than with a fun game for everyone. My class and Mr. Steven's joined together for a big game of pictionary. We split the kids into teams and everyone got a chance to come up and draw their clue. Each team had 60 seconds to guess what the clue was.

It got a little crazy with the competition, but the kids really had fun and we saw a lot of team bonding going on. We really strive here for all of our kids to feel safe and comfortable here and a big part of that is teamwork and building friendships.

It's great to see kids working together and having fun!  These kids really make ALEC a great place to be.


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