Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Helping Hand

At ALEC we try to put a focus on community and how we play a role in our own communities. This week we had a talk with our kids about how you can help out. They came up with really great suggestions like looking out for your neighbors and helping to keep the streets litter free. The community doesn't stop at your town. It extends to every circle you are a part of including family, school and our center as well. To get a hands on idea of how we can approach these goals in each of our lives, we wrote down the suggestions from the kids and each group of two picked out a helpful deed to act out in a puppet show. We brought out some socks and yarn and the kids got to work.

It was really great to see the kids figuring out how to take initiative. The pictures below are from a show where the girls demonstrated a student helping out another student who is struggling to understand what is going on in class. By acting it out they really showed how they understood what they could do in these situations and that they really wanted to be able to help their fellow students.

We saw a lot of great performances and some crazy puppet people. The kids clearly had so much to say on the topic and tons of great ideas. Brashear kids love putting on a show!


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