Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nature's Next Artists

    Our latest trip with Venture Outdoors once again brought us to beautiful Grandview Park, where the kids were able to make Nature Art.  Trip leader Brittney tasked our group with finding things in nature that we could use to make art.

    While the final pieces ranged from houses of sticks to collages of leaves, most of the groups were able to collect their materials and begin building within just a few minutes. 

    And as always, the kids were proud of the fruit of their labor, although they were reluctant to have to take it all apart.  Part of what Venture Outdoors taught us back in October was "leave no trace", which means we should leave nature in the same or a better condition than we found it.  Thus we dispensed with creating art, and returned our materials to their homes to allow nature to get back to its business.

    And so another Monday with Venture Outdoors came to close, and we were fortunate to once again have really nice, sunny weather so late in the year.  Until next time!

- Steven

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