Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Goodbyes from Maraina

     It is time for me to say goodbye to ALEC. This summer has been one of the most memorable summers of my life!

   As an AmeriCorps member I was placed at the Hilltop YMCA in Mount Oliver. From there, I was sent to ALEC to be a representative and help run Tech Camp. The Hilltop YMCA helped us order materials, and let us use some of what they already had to teach the kids about LED lights, motors, and all sorts of fun things. We had some Little Bits Kits for the kids to play with during free time throughout the summer. The Hilltop YMCA also helped us do a Tech Party where the kids, their parents, and anyone from the community could come and see what we have to offer here at ALEC. I truly hope that this partnership continues throughout the rest of the year. 

  I was a little wary at first of leading lessons during tech camp, however my fears were unfounded. The kids were great, and seemed to be truly interested in learning about new things. My background is in sculpture, and it was very satisfying to be able to help the kids in their own creative process throughout the summer. During free time the kids could bring out the box of tech materials and start making whatever they wanted.

The cardboard was also a hit. We had been collecting cardboard for Tech Camp, and once that was over, they were free to use it as they saw fit. Thus the box trolls started, and stayed a running theme throughout Venture Outdoors Camp and Maker Camp. Overall, it’s been a great summer! 

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