Friday, July 24, 2015

Kayaking with the Kids

The first field trip that our kids were able to go was kayaking with Venture Outdoors team.
They ultimately sponsored us for a two week summer camp learning about a variety of outdoor activities. The kids were every excited to kayak, mostly because many of them had never kayaked in Pittsburgh before.

Most of our kids were unable to swim and thus were a little timid about venturing out into the water but once we got their PFDs (Personal flotation Devices) on they were ready to go! Each student was handed a PFD that they had to tighten and prep for the water. The Venture Outdoors team did a great job explaining water safety to the kids and making sure that they felt safe in the water with their PFDs.

Prior to leaving on the kayaks, the Venture Outdoor staff gave a quick play-by-play of how to properly hold and row with the paddles. Each kid was able to practice properly before we set out to kayak. Our group partnered up and each group took out tandem kayaks, where two people sat together. We tried out best to partner up two kids together, but a few students went with an adult. 

During out two week Venture Outdoors camp, the kids were actually able to go kayaking a twice. The first time we had timid rowers but the second time showed how comfortable the kids were becoming in the water. It's great to see every willing to kayak and this time feel strong about rowing. We were able to play a quick game of Sharks & Minnows with kids. 

Had a great opportunity at the end of the day to finally relax and grab a healthy snack. Pittsburgh is such a beautiful city, with incredible architecture that we couldn't help but grab a scenic picture!


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