Saturday, July 25, 2015

Biking on the North Shore

On July 20th, Venture Outdoors took the campers on a 3 mile bike ride. Venture Outdoors in the North Shore, was gracious enough to take us out and  ride in the nice weather. 

A few kids were not skilled with bikes but they were excited to try a two-wheeler.Despite not being able to ride a bike at all, or not having been on a bike in over 50 years, our staff and kids faced their fears and peddled. Some of our staff took turns holding onto the back of their bikes, while they continued to peddle down the trail. Ultimately, they decided that they were much more comfortable riding the three-wheeled bikes instead of the two-wheedlers.  

The whole time, even with the 90 degree weather, the kids were all smiles.It was nice to see everyone exercising and enjoying their time in the lush outdoors here in Pennsylvania. 

At the end of the day, the kids were given a few minutes to relax by the water before boarding the bus home.  North Shore along the river is a truly beautiful place and everyone enjoyed their time.

- Jessica 

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