Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hugs and ALEC Updates

A few ALEC students really "embracing" a new game.
I recently came across this picture and was reminded how much our students like being around each other.  They may not always get along but they like ALEC, they like our staff and they like having fun with one another. I mean look at them hugging on each other up there. It's great! 

We're Moving!
We are currently in a time of transition as we move from our old space, 1206 Arlington Ave, to right around the corner to 827 E. Warrington, in Allentown. It's a short move but will provide us with an additional classroom, an outdoor space, gardening options and a few more opportunities to expand our programs. We are eagerly looking forward to this next phase in the life of ALEC but missing our students at the same time during our brief hiatus away from them.

We cannot wait to share our new space on the blog and all the new opportunities we will have. We are also looking forward to Summer Camps with our students.

John shared the "Shrinking Circle" game, pictured above, here.


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