Friday, May 15, 2015

ALEC Wish List

As we shared recently, ALEC (Allentown Learning and Engagement Center) is in the process of moving to a larger space to expand the number of students we reach on a daily basis and the overall program outreach.  We are faced with a few new challenges. Summer camps begin in a month and we need a few more items in addition to the items we had in our previous space to make camps happen this June.

So we put together a wish list to see if any friends in the community might be able to help with these needs. Either by donation of new or second hand items or through cash/gift cards to purchase items from Home Depot, Ikea or Construction Junction. Any little bit is appreciated.

ALEC Wish List:

Tables! We have a few small ones but we will need more to accommodate our youth for homework, lessons, art and everything else in between.  We prefer the durable plastic folding tables as we need to set up and tear down easily, depending on the lesson and what the students are doing for the day. These tables will allow for easy transitions from homework to game times.
Tables needed: 5-6

Chairs! If we have more tables we will need more chairs. These must be folding as we need to put away chairs from time to time and will need to take up as little space as possible.  It is preferred that they are very durable as they have the potential to be set up in our future outdoor classroom, and the students will be using them often.
Chairs needed: 30-40

Cooking Demo Island! Since cooking and healthy eating is a big part of our programs and a central focus we are in need of a sturdy (and tall) cooking demo table or kitchen island with a large prep area and storage underneath. At our last space we utilized some tall glass ikea tables. Fragile tables with very little support and kids are not a good combination and we shattered a couple tables.
Cooking Demo Island needed: 1

Shelving! We have a lot of art and programming supplies! We would like to utilize wall mounted shelving as it will take up less space and can go a little taller than many free standing units.
Shelving: a few units, 
Ordered and Donated by the Margittais!

Extension Cords! We have many tech offerings and larger rooms than we had previous, we need ways to connect our computers and other electronics to the wall outlets easily. 

Desks! We will need additional staff desks as we relocate staff from over sized desks in our South Side office to the new space. Minimal and space saving design is preferred.
Desks needed: 2
Donated by the Margittais!


Hooks! We could use super sturdy coat and storage hooks for our kitchen area and general maintenance items to keep counters and the floor clear of clutter.
Hooks needed: 5-20

Pencil Sharpener! I cannot tell you how many little plastic pencil sharpeners we go through and/or lose each school year, too many to count. It is time to get sturdy and reliable wall mounted sharpeners.
Pencil Sharpeners needed: 1-2
DONATED by Spool Fabric Shop!


Chalkboard Paint! Our space is beautiful, clean and white. I would like to have a few offerings for a little extra creativity and for instructional lessons. Chalkboard paint would be an excellent creative outlet without taking up space.
Paint cans needed: 1-2
DONATED by Black Forge Coffee!

Silverware! We strive to teach our students to live sustainable lifestyles by daily practice in ALEC, however this is lost when we have to use disposable silverware. We would greatly appreciate sturdy and reliable (non-bendable) silverware that we can use for years to come. Mainly forks and spoons.
Silverware needed: enough for 50-60 students 

TV with HDMI Capabilities!  We are adding an additional classroom and this means we have to choose one classroom to receive our existing tv for power point lessons and educational clips. It would be largely beneficial to both groups to have a means of a large viewing screen rather than utilizing a small laptop or ipad for lesson presentations.  An overhead projector might also work, as long long as it has HDMI capabilities. Gently used is welcomed!
Donated by Hirambo!

We are so very grateful for an amazing community of friends and neighbors who continue to love and support the work The Brashear Association does in the South Pittsburgh communities. 

If you are able to assist with any of these items or cash/gift cards or have further questions about the listed items, please contact Amber Rooke at or call ALEC at 412.620.8282.

Thank you so much for your love and support to the Brashear Kids!


*Stock Photos from various sources.

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