Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Brashear Kids and With the Grains

Photo courtesy of With the Grains
Recently Quelcy Kogel visited ALEC to share a sweet recipe with our students. Quelcy is a talented blogger and shared her experience on With the Grains. We really appreciated the perspective she took with our students, understanding the neighborhood they are located in and the often intimidating means of acquiring healthy food in a food dessert.
I really liked this quote from her blog:

"Rather than push “organic,” which can be economically limiting, I stressed the importance of minimal, pronounceable ingredients. What would we expect to find in peanut butter? Kids can answer that question. Why can’t peanut butter brands?"

An excellent point and a great Cooking Together session!  A big thank you to Quelcy and Kyle for coming out to volunteer their time with our students and share their knowledge. Please read Quelcy's blog post to hear more about her experience with our students.


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