Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Reading time with CLP!

We are fortunate to have such great friends in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and even more fortunate to have such a close friendship with our neighboring library friends at the Knoxville and Mt. Washington branches. Ms. Jeanne, from the Knoxville Library, is one such friend.
Recently Ms. Jeanne came to read to our students several books on what heroes look like. "Who is a hero?" and "How does a hero act?" were some of the many questions asked during the stories shared with the group.
When Maggie and Jeanne visit us, they bring stacks of books with them to read aloud and to allow the students to look through following the lesson. 

We are working on the spelling.
We made hero awards with our button punch, to give to those we look up to as heroes. The students made them for teachers, police officers, veterans and other people in their life they admire. 

We are always grateful for our reading times with our library friends and look forward to this continued partnership.


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