Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Terror in the Towers 2014

On Thursday, October 30th, the ALEC students made a chilling journey to trick-or-treat at Duquesne University's annual Terror in the Towers. The air was electric with excitement as we waited for that bus. The kids had their costumes and candy bags and were ready to go!

The ride from Allentown to Bluff was an adventure filled with amazing sights: fall foliage, brooding gray clouds, soaring towers, and arcing bridges over a murky river.

 We arrived with smiles, ready for anything!

Once inside the Towers, Duquesne students led us in making Halloween candy crafts.

We made candy creatures with lollipop bodies and bendable pipe-cleaner limbs. After crafting, we were ready for our trick-or-treat tour of the haunted tower! During our walk through, I entrusted my camera to two of our students to get their perspective.

Here's what they saw:

We were told or overheard so many great comments from our students during the bus ride and the tour at Duquesne. Here are a few of the comments:

"Woah! It's like we're on an airplane! Is this what it's like on an airplane?!" - 7 year old student during the bus ride.
"You're the best! And you're the best! And you're the best!" - 6 year old pointing to each teacher in his tour group because he was so happy.
"I'm so happy we came to this!" - 11 year old on the way back to ALEC
"Take a picture of the Ocean!" - 11 year old referring to the Monongahela River

Our students had a great time and would like to thank Duquesne University for inviting us again!
See our 2013 visit visit and 2012 visit!

- John

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