Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Brashear Kids go to the Opera - Otello

The Brashear Association has been a partner with the Pittsburgh Opera Education program for several years and our students and their parents greatly benefit from this partnership. Our Education Department at Brashear firmly believes in exposing our students as much as possible to various experiences, chief of which is the arts. 

For each Opera performance we attend, Marilyn Egan the Director of Education with the Pittsburgh opera, conducts a workshop where our students are able to learn more about the opera that they are are about to see. Through audio, slideshow and puppet plays the students and parents discuss the plot and the characters as well as learning more about the composer and the actors chosen to play various roles.

Each performance our students and parents attend is different and unique. It is a great experience for both child and parent as this is not a class field trip but a family experience and the students can go home and discuss the performance together with their parents. 

We recently attended Otello, based on Shakespeare's play Othello. This opera was high in drama and following the workshop our students knew what was going to happen and talked animatedly about it as they would their favorite television cartoon. 

Although students are always advised by Miss Egan to take a nap after school before the opera, we inevitably lose at least one little one by the end of the opera. It can be a long day for our third graders who have been in school all day. 

We are so pleased to continue this ongoing partnership with Marilyn Egan and the Pittsburgh Opera Education Program. We are anxiously anticipating the next opera in March! 

Thank you so much to Marilyn for all her hard work and effort put into this wonderful program and to all the parents who invest in their children's educational experiences and expose them to the arts. 


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