Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Camp at ALEC: Week Three

Week three of summer camp was filled with fun! On Monday, we made sock puppets with googly-eyes and eccentric outfits crafted from recycled fabrics. 

On Tuesday, our culture lesson was about Egypt. We identified Egypt on the map, and then we learned about the ancient art of mummification and hieroglyphics.  We had a mummy wrapping contest using toilet paper.  Hunter's team won for wrapping her up in the most "mummy-like" fashion. Students then took a hieroglyphic alphabet and drew out their names or messages.  Gage's message was "friendship".   

On Wednesday, Noreeen from the McGinnis Sisters was our guest. She made smoothies from bananas, blueberries, strawberries, Fage yogurt and almond milk. She was very accommodating with the smoothies and allowed the students to pick which ingredients they wanted to include or exclude. She also brought some extra fresh fruit to to take home. 

Jeanne and Sierra from the Knoxville library also came on Wednesday, and we learned all about detective work: how to follow clues and make fingerprints. We also read a clever book about mystery of Humpty Dumpty's fall. 

Thursday was a big day filled with activities, which was made possible by our friends at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Our students enjoyed a tour of Pittsburgh with Molly's Trolleys, a ride on the Duquesne Incline, ice cream from Dream Cream downtown, and then back to ALEC to greet the farmers from Common Ground who brought fresh produce to share.  Along with veggies from Common Ground, each student received their own cooking starter kit. They took home their own measuring cups, spoons, bowls and kitchen timers. We're excited to hear what they've been making at home.


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