Thursday, May 22, 2014

Haitian Picture Pals Art Show

This year at Allentown Academy, we had an a partnership with Haitian Families First, which gave us the chance to exchange artwork with students in Haiti.  While creating artwork, it also gave us the opportunity to take a closer look at the culture of Haiti.  To celebrate the end of our year with Allentown Academy, we held an art show at the Carnegie Pop-Up Library which displayed our students best work that they created for their pen pals.

In the 4th and 5th grade classroom, students created a large paper quilt which represents the Haitian flag. Students collaged the colors of the flag with positive messages to our friends in Haiti.  One of our 5th graders sketched the Haitian coat of arms, and then used water color to paint it.  The large flag was displayed beautifully on the wall of the library for all to see!  Surrounding our flag are artists bios that introduced the students and allowed them to talk about themselves and their favorite art projects they completed!

The beautiful turtle was created by the 2nd and 3rd graders of Allentown Academy.  During the program, students had a lesson on the various animals of Haiti--and this lesson took a closer look at endangered species found in Haiti.  The project was called, "Mystery Animals"!  Miss Laura drew animals on a large sheet of white paper with white crayon.  The students could reveal the animal by painting in teams with water color.

During the art show, we made a craft with children who attended.  We made paper flowers out of recycled projects that were made during the year.  A paper fastener was used to hold the paper petals together--and the flowers all looked so unique and colorful!  The craft was definitely a highlight of our art show.

Also for the art show, Laura and I made fried plantains, a common dish in Haiti, as well as some fresh mango orange juice!  Those who tried the plantains thought they were very tasty--and one student even asked to take the rest of them home with her!  Overall it was a successful Art Show, and I am so thankful for the cross cultural art exchange we had the chance to experience.  All of this work can still be viewed at the art gallery, Assemble until May 31st.  


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