Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Classroom Thank You Card DIY

We made a few thank you cards from our New Artists class and we thought it would be a fun group thank you card DIY to share with our readers.
You may remember recent posts sharing our times with Kim from Blue Tomato Design and Dan from Common Wealth Press, since the lessons we learned from them were covering branding and design, we decided we could make make them thank you cards putting to use their logos on the cover.

Step 1: Large poster board, fold in half. We had a large sheet of recycled paper board that we repurposed.
Step 2: Draw a large image on the front, again we used their logos but you can use whatever your comfortable drawing. Pencil image, then trace image with a sharpie to make it bold and pop. Pen the thank you note from the entire class on the inside of the card.
Step 3: Using colored pastels or crayons, make a collage of colors that the students can start coloring in bit by bit until the logo is filled.
Step 4: Have each student sign it and/or leave a little note on the inside. You could also make a small note on the back of the card.
Step 5: Give your card to the recipient.

We made an extra "pow" shape behind the Commonwealth Press logo because we ran out of room to color on the original logo.
The project was simple and easy to do with the class and had a personal touch for the recipients. We used materials we already had around the office and supplies the students were accustomed to using.


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