Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cutie Valentines DIY

Kids get so much candy at Valentines Day.  At the Brashear we have a healthy eating, healthy lifestyle approach to our programming when it comes to snacks. Any time we have a party we bring cuties and they are usually the first fruit to vanish. Kids love them!  We came up with this DIY that was a simple, budget friendly and guilt free valentine to give to kids using items that you probably already have around your house.

You will need:
--Cuties or clementines (enough for each child in the class)
--Washi tape of your choice  (found at craft stores and is sometimes classified as decorative tape)
--Cardstock or paper of a heavier weight (construction paper could also work)
--a pencil
--a sharpie marker

Cut a rectangle about 4 inches by 2 inches. Sketch a feather outline to be cut out. Almost an almond shape like the one pictured above.
Tip:You could make a template and trace it across you sheet of card stock to save paper and not produce as much paper waste.

Cut out your feather shape then snip small cuts around the edges. And ruffle the feathers a little. We wanted the feather edge to stand out a bit and look more like a feather so we pulled a few cuts to and fro. We also removed small sections (as pictured above) to look more like the separation of barbs of a feather. Above picture is the back of the feather.

Write your message on the feather and tape it to your orange. We used the play off of the cutie brand of clementines sold in grocery stores. Then addressed it. Tape will look a little haphazard but that is ok and it lends the DIY aesthetic to your gift. 

Using your sharpie, draw a little face on the peel being careful not to press too long with the ink, making a quick surface drawing on the exterior of the clementine. We made him look like his headband fell over one eye, or maybe he's winking. you decide!
Note: We have researched and as far as we know if you do not press hard and the ink is solely on the peel it is safe to eat. We have found that if you write a lot on the orange the sharpie will dry out so make small face and quick work of it so your markers are not wasted.
And you're done! These can be made in about 1-2 minutes and are simple enough for your kids to do by themselves or as a teacher to give out to your class. Project cost is minimal and does not collect as much waste as say a store bought paper valentine. It is also a unique valentine that your child will be proud to make and give away.

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