Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We're Back!

Working on a community art project in Allentown
We've been spending the last month at summer camp! It was an awesome month, full of new challenges and adventures.

Eating kale chips!

Annie shared a quick post of our first week here. We focused on developing healthy eating choices by making smoothies and fun snack creations with our students.
Leah of the Brazen Kitchen teaching our students how to make delicious cold fruit soup.
We took field trips to the pop-up library and Grandview Park. We did science lessons, culture lessons and art projects. We even had some special guests:  Leah from the Brazen Kitchen, Noreen from the McGinnis Sisters, Heather from Kids Cook, as well as Heather, Kate and Tara of Digital Salad.  
One of our students making their own smoothie creation.

Learning about India and practicing some yoga poses
   We just want to say a big thank you to all who helped make our summer camp possible:  our special guests, the Hilltop United Methodist Church, the Grable Foundation, the Birmingham Foundation, the PA Neighborhood Partners Program, those who attended the rummage sale and those that donated craft supplies and gift cards....

The kids loved it and we appreciate knowing our community is so ready to be involved and participate.


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