Friday, April 5, 2013

Student Spotlight: Saeed

Meet Saeed! Here's a little bit about one of the awesome kids we serve in our afterschool programs. Saeed is a high energy 5th grader who loves to dance. He consistently shows up ready to participate and we wanted to give him an opportunity to tell us a little bit more about himself.

Name: Saeed
Age: 12
Favorite Colors: Beige & Blue
Favorite Foods: Pizza & Corn Dogs
Favorite Book: Naruto Comic Books
Favorite Singers: Michael Jackson, PSY & Future
Favorite Subject in School: Science because it's cool!
Something Unique About Yourself: I'm a dancer and I'm flexible and I can rap.

How many years have you been in Allentown Academy? This is my first year.
Favorite part about being in Afterschool? Getting to go to the gym, and my friends.
What do you like to do at home? Play Sly Cooper on my PS2 and draw monsters and anime.
What is the funniest thing you ever saw? A cat walking on 2 legs.
Who is your most influential dancer? Michael Jackson!


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