Thursday, September 5, 2019

Janesha Ware AmeriCorps Teacher

Hey, My name is Ja'Nesha Ware I'm a new Americorps teacher at ALEC, I've always wanted to be involved in early childhood development and community outreach. When I was in elementray I was in a program where we would host events for the community like movie nights, pizza nights, talent shows, and fashions shows. We also tutored our fellow classmates during free periods and taught the younger youth about fire safety. I've been at AmeriCorps for a year now but I was always familiar with the ins and outs of the program because I was a youth at Braddock Youth Project, one of the sites AmeriCorps works with. Once I aged out of the program I had no doubts I'd be joining to become an AmeriCorps teacher. Over these past few years, I've realized my love for teaching and mentoring. I really think this year at Alec will help me further my goals of becoming a teacher and I'm excited to show what I can bring to The Brashears Kids!

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