Thursday, August 8, 2019

Third and Final Rounds of Summer Camp - Art and Gardening!

Wow, we can't believe how fast this summer flew by! First Venture Outdoors, then Y-Creator Space and now Art and Gardening! Ms. Maggie was gracious to return another year to help our students learn some technical skills to further their fine art education however they'd like, and if anyone is interested in specializing in art, they made some great portfolio pieces for a visual arts education.

A R T  C A M P 

We began the first week learning about value, the importance of line weight, as well as perspective. We even ventured to Grandview Park to practice drawing "en plein air" (in open air). The students had a great start and we were so proud of how brave everyone was to learn something new and difficult. 

G A R D E N I N G  C A M P

The next week our talented campers used their finely tuned value and perspective skills to create still life drawings as well as a self portrait. Drawing from direct observation using perspective, value, texture and composition was greatly emphasized and everyone faced their challenges and anxieties and created some great work, we are super proud of our Brashear Kids! 

Our final camp was gardening camp. We had an excellent journey through soil quality, components, and learning the minerals that make soil as well the difference between healthy/unhealthy soil and how our worm friends are very important to our gardens.
students examining the contents of their soil samples

American Water was awesome to come in and teach us about the water cycle, watersheds, and how pollution can impact our water quality and why it's important to take care of the water that we have.  

The students were also able to decorate their own planters as well as plant some herbs, which is a great extension of the lesson we began at the end of the school year with herbs and their many uses.  

We also had a nice visit from Saturday Light Brigade radio's Mr. Tad come in to interview the students about there herb planters. It was a great continuation of the Spring lesson we had with herbs and their many uses, we are happy to continue educating our students and ourselves about natural and quick remedies for common ailments. 

What an exciting and fun-filled summer! We hope to see everyone (and some new faces) next year!

If you're interested in our after school program and have youth ages 7-11 living around the hilltop, stop by and see us for an application. Our programs are free to our students and families!

See you all soon! 

The ALEC Team

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