Thursday, April 11, 2019

Summer is Coming

With the warm weather rolling in, the Brashear kids have been busier than ever!  Dude Time kicked off the spring with a special Sports Unit that got us our fill of what we couldn't do during the cold!  The boys learned the importance of constantly practicing good sportsmanship as well as the ins and outs of basketball, soccer, and kickball.  
Last week, our kids started working with the Saturday Lights Brigade which is a local radio show that encourages the thoughts, ideas, stories, and feelings of children, youth , and families.  They will be interviewing the police officers of Zone 3 and learning more about their lives and what they do while practicing their interviewing skills!
That's not all these kids have going on though!  They are also getting their hands dirty preparing their outdoor gardening area, making sure it's ready to go for the season.  Between picking up trash, tilling the soil, and other maintenance, Brashear is expecting the best garden yet!  Some have even already gotten started by planting indoor herbs!

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