Monday, February 25, 2019

Cooking with the Gaynor School

 Healthy eating habits and self sufficiency is something that is very emphasized at ALEC. We do our best to educate our youth on nutrition and healthy snacks that are simple to make and easy to share. Recently, we were very lucky to be awarded an education grant and it was decided that we would hire a professional chef, Chef Gaynor Grant of Gaynor's School For Cooking, to lead a few classes on healthy and quick meal preparation. Chef Grant has provided a personalized menu for the students to keep and actively participate in the creation of the meal. We will have two sessions: Session One was last Thursday, the students went over a practice run of the recipe and tried everything they made. Session Two will take place this Thursday where the youth will re-construct the menu and present the meal to their families in a restaurant-style setting.




Session 1 was a great success. We are all excited for Session 2. We hope the families bring their appetites! 

-The ALEC Team

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