Tuesday, August 7, 2018

See Ya !

Hello Hello, Everyone 

Sadly, my AmeriCorps term is coming to an end, and this will be my last week at ALEC.

....until S e p t e m b e r 

I've really felt like I have grown on a personal level during my service term at ALEC and have been pleased with the relationships I have built with the youth that I serve, as well as the community. It has been so warming to have the opportunity to earn the trust of these amazing youth and seeing them grow and blossom is what made me decide to serve another term. This year, I really want to encourage the behavior and achievements of the students to keep growing and proceed further than they imagined. I have the unique opportunity to continue the progress I've made at ALEC and plan to continue it. I've met some amazing people and Allentown has welcomed me and has been so very supportive of my endeavors to enrich the youth and how they can carry these experiences to grow inwards and become empowered to also serve their community. 

My personal motivation has been to utilize my background in Fine Arts (Illustration and Photography) to encourage and empower the youth I serve. Last year we did a unit called "Personal Projects" which was an advanced class that included thorough research, documentation, presentation, and of course the crafting of the creative exploration of choice from the student. Admittedly, it was a rough start, but with encouragement everyone succeeded with their projects and realized how much is possible with hard work, thinking a little outside of the box, and a little support. We also completed a documentary photography course were the students had their own gallery show. Seeing the pride that everyone had once they saw their work printed and framed made me so very happy. 

As a vegan of 11 years, I'm also passionate about educating youth on healthy, fun, simple and economically efficient ways to consume food. Between facilitating cooking lessons at Arlington K-8 and assisting Ms. Maggie at Grandview Cooking Club, it has definitely ignited a passion to continue this path among the students. A lot of people learned that tofu isn't that bad, and if there's a will and a vegetable/fruit, there is a way. Everyone is slowly learning that healthy can be fun and also filling. 

I'm looking forward to continuing my service at ALEC this year with a few new things in store. I can't wait to get started! 

S e e  y o u  i n   a   f e w   w e e k s ! 

Ms. Christa


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