Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Project HAND Paints!

P R O J E C T   H A N D   P I N T S 

Tameara and one of our Duquense tutors starting their clean water sign.

As mentioned earlier, the youth involved with Project HAND (Helping Allentown Neighbors Dream) have begun brainstorming slogans for signs to place along the neighborhood to encourage our community to be more mindful of our littering, and to remind them of the location of our existing trashcans so people will know where to deposit their litter, if they aren't already familiar. 

Zechariah is a fast painter! He's almost ready to add the final details to his sign.

We will be installing the signs within the next 2 weeks among the neighborhood. We hope that our bright and friendly reminders will encourage our fellow youth to speak up about litter, empower their peers as well as their elders, and add some extra color to our awesome neighborhood.

Jay smiles as he realizes he can now use glow-in-the-dark- paint for his sign

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our colorful additions!

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