Monday, April 9, 2018

Strong Women Strong Girls

I am s t r o n g, I am p r o u d, and I am not afraid to s h o u t   i t   o u t   l o u d !!
                                                                                                            - SWSG Chant

Happy Monday, Everyone! Hopefully all of you had an amazing weekend, our ALEC girls definitely did. This past Saturday we had our annual field trip to Point Park University for the Strong Women Strong Girls mentoring program field trip. 

-Cool, so what did they do?- 

So glad you asked, or well, wondered in your head as you continue to read this post! Our young ladies had the opportunity to explore different interest groups as well as participate in some hands on activities. The women with Strong Women Strong Girls had an interest fair with different booths available for the girls, including (but not limited to): Campus Politics, Face Painting, Self-Esteem and Empowerment Portraits (the sparkly princess crown was an added bonus), Slime-Making, Crocheting, and a presentation of student films from Point Park's Film department. 
Cecili has previous crochet experience thanks to our Fibers program last semester. She was so happy to show her mentors what she could do and they were so impressed. I definitely had a proud moment, as Cecili actually taught me how to crochet as well (the struggle was real, never let someone tell you a child can't teach you anything)

One of my favorite activities was the dance lesson in the ballet studio, towards the end of the session the girls got some free time to show off what they learned and what they could add to their routine.

The girls also got to show off their detective skills when they had the opportunity to solve a crime on a stage crime scene as forensic analysts. There were two separate rooms with a different mystery to solve.

 As a collective, our girls did an amazing job communicating as well being observant and using their senses to assess the scene, hypothesize and solve the mystery. Well done ALEC ladies! 

We are so appreciative of our mentors that continue to show up for our youth, showing consistency, dedication and providing an excellent example to not just our young ladies, but also our young men. Strong Women Strong Girls is such an amazing organization that mentors so many of our elementary aged youth. If you'd like to read more about this amazing organization, please check out their website: Strong Women Strong Girls

The ALEC team wishes you an amazing Monday and thank you for visiting our blog. 


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