Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Personal Projects

p e r s o n a l    p r o j e c t s 

Example of a statement of interest from Zechariah

This semester, we have introduced a course titled "Personal Projects". This course is a Monday elective to train students to research, outline, brainstorm, plan and execute a project of their choice. The students were required to submit a statement of interest and create an outline and plan for what they would like to explore. This course will aid the youth, especially those starting middle school next year, in learning what research is, how to do it, and how to implement self discipline to create a product from a special interest. 

Students practicing their nail design techniques on Miss Dianna

Krystal practicing her cornrowing technique and creating a lookbook of her styles.

Ray is creating a wearable transformer out of recyclable materials, way to think green, Ray!
There have been a variety of projects in the works. Anything from a traveling nail salon, to hair styling, sculpture, design, drawing and even some kitchen chemistry with edible slime. Our Brashear Kids are just a handful of the talent that is flowing throughout our community and we are so proud of their passion, creativity, and drive! We are always so grateful to be involved with their early development and the opportunity to showcase the amazing youth Allentown has to offer.

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