Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Drawing with the Brashear Kids!

This semester Maggie and Christa are teaching our youth about contour drawing, which will eventually lead to the class creating their own coloring book. Each week there is a different theme. Last week we took the students to Grandview Park and let them focus on landscape, a lot of the youth were interested in the view of the downtown architecture.

The process we are emphasizing to the students is doing a rough draft with a drawing pencil, then redrawing their favorite sketch with a blue colored pencil, then inking with a sharpie. This way, when we copy the images the lines are clean.

So far we have focused on still life drawings with exotic fruits and vegetables, quick timed contour figure drawings, animals, landscape (as shown) and today we will be working on every day objects arranged as a collected still life set.

(Below are a few more student examples of their landscape drawings)

This class will be great practice for some of our youth participating in this summer's art camp. We are making it a goal at ALEC to introduce our students to as much visual art and technique as we can, so that when the time comes for them to expand their interests, they have the tools and exposure they need to potentially pursue art in a more formal sense. 

Happy Tuesday!

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