Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Programming Close-Up: Strong Women Strong Girls

As the program year is well under way, we want to give you better insight into how our after-school program operates and what we will be doing together this year. The post "What's New for After-School" briefly explains the basic structure for our programming; check it out for more info! To sum up that post, our students get to choose between several activities offered throughout the week. The goal of this Close-Up series is to thoroughly introduce you to each activity and the partner leading it. Hopefully after reading these, you will have a better idea what awesome things our Brashear Kids get to do!

Strong Women Strong Girls

Activity Leaders: Miss Jenna, Miss Kim, and Miss Shanice

What is Strong Women Strong Girls? 

Strong Women Strong Girls is a national organization devoted to empowering and strengthening girls in under-resourced communities. They primarily achieve this goal through mentoring girls and women of all ages. Specifically, college-aged women mentors work with school-aged girls through high school. Additionally, professional women mentor the college-aged mentors. Time together paired with lessons allow the women and girls to grow together and get to know each other better. 
In terms of curriculum, SWSG focuses on female role models from history and current events to highlight positive attributes in women in society. Stories that aren't typically covered in schools empower girls to imagine a broader future for themselves and others. The values SWSG teaches prepare girls to learn about themselves and society while challenging themselves.

Mentoring at ALEC

When we work with Miss Jenna, Miss Kim, and Miss Shanice, we have a lot of different options. Very often, each day will have an activity that ties in a specific attribute. We discussed the story of American gymnast Laurie Hernandez and talked about road blocks and goals in our lives. After determining goals, we talked about how to get there through resources we have around us, such as family, teachers, friends, and fellow women mentors.
After we talk about certain attributes, girls have the chance to journal about the topic for the day or their own lives. Our mentors then collect the journals (if the girls are comfortable with doing so) and comment on what the girls wrote. This kind of attention creates a stronger relationship between mentors and our girls.

Whether we are journaling or simply hanging out, playing games and talking, we are always supporting each other. Fun is one of the best connectors! All conversation is helpful, because we simply want to enjoy each other's company while discussing important attributes for women in society.
Whenever the day with Strong Women Strong Girls ends, the mentors and girls stand up and recite

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