Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Dreaming Along

As some of you may know, ALEC has begun working with our youth designing a yearly community service project under the title "Project HAND (Helping Allentown Neighbors Dream)". This semester has been specifically focused on interviewing community members, brainstorming and recently teaching our youth the importance of project planning. Yesterday, we made a lot of great progress with our drafting as the students are very interested in a service project to help solve the litter issue in their neighborhood.

(drawing by student Camya Washington, illustrating a need for more trashcans in the area)

Among the litter concept, there were also ideas for more food resources, community and social programming as well as "Mittens for homeless people during the winter".

Project HAND has a unique perspective of involving our youth to empower them to think, plan, and engage, after all, we are an engagement center. Our students have so many diverse and imaginative ways of thinking that it really is motivating to see our students passionate about observing their environment and finding the inspiration within themselves and their peers to co-ordinate possible solutions to assist their fellow neighbors. The concept of community is a large portion of what we teach at ALEC, while we want our students to academically succeed, we also want to teach them the roots of social awareness and empowerment.

We are so excited to continue to update everyone about our blossoming community project! These kids continue to show us how amazing they are with their brains, intelligence and enthusiasm. We are so proud of our youth and are so happy to have the opportunity to work with them.

Stay tuned for monthly updates about Project HAND and our exciting progress!

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  1. Great activity for kids.I am sure kids would love it.I have two kids and they are very naughty.I will show this post to them and i am sure they would love it.Thank you.



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