Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Say Hello To Miss Christa

Hey Everyone, My name is Christa Drew and I am an AmeriCorps KEYS Service member who is so very excited to be working with the Brashear Kids, at the ALEC location. I am originally from the Pittsburgh area and have spent a handful of time in East Cleveland, Ohio and a larger amount of time in San Francisco, California. I began my education as a Forensic Animation student while minoring in Biology, and transitioned my studies further into Photography. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute. I am so happy to be back in Pittsburgh and am eager to use my diverse and creative background to educate our city's youth.

When I'm not at the ALEC location, in my spare time I'm also a photographer and enjoy drawing and painting. I absolutely love cooking (I am always feeding people),and researching horticulture and holistic healing methods. I am slowly introducing myself to the outdoors and am really happy to explore our city's lovely landscape with our students. I am also a proud mom of two awesome dogs, Max and Dante that also keep me occupied with their energy and just plain cuteness.


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