Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Venture Outdoors 2017 Camp wk 1

All this green, and we never left the city!

Hello again, blog aficionados! Last week, we had our first four days of Outdoor Camp with Venture Outdoors. We started the week off with hiking in Grandview Park, our favorite local spot to just get away. Walking on the trails obscures the city skyline, making us feel like we were on a mini vacation.

On Tuesday, we hit the water. The overcast skies and cooler weather concerned students at first, but it was actually a perfect day- no sunburns for us! We started at Kayak Pittsburgh, near PNC park and kayaked up the Allegheny River. The bridges sure look different from underneath...

We kept paddling until we reached an old, abandoned, sunken boat. Check out our video below!

Wednesday, we finally got on bikes! There aren't many pictures of bike riding, since our hands were on the bars, but our crew rode from Washington's Landing to the 16th St Bridge and back. A few of our students stayed in the parking lot to work on their skills but were making great progress. Ms. Maggie, who is not a great bike rider, only crashed once!

Thursday, we got back on the trails in Frick Park. We played a few games of Camouflage and Statue as we hiked the trails and learned how to identify woodpecker holes, poison ivy and other important plant life. We ended the day at the Environmental Center, a ZERO energy building, with tons of ways to learn and play.

We even got to catch up with former Brashear Americorps KEYS member, Megan!

Check back next week as we recap what we've been up to in our final week with Venture Outdoors. I'll give you a hint- we are all really sweaty!

Hasta la vista,
Ms. Maggie

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