Friday, July 14, 2017

Week 1: Tech Camp

ALEC summer camps are off to a wonderful start. During the first two weeks of Art camp, the Brashear Kids created their own artwork and put it on display at the Art Camp Gallery Show.

Next up, is Tech Camp! The first week of Tech Camp was amazing. Mr. DJ and Ms. Alex from the YMCA came in to teach our campers about robots and brought in some finished robots so the children could tinker and test out their functionality. Students learned the basic parts of a robot like LED lights, Motors, Servos and positive and negative wires!

Once The Brashear Kids got a good understanding of the robot parts, it was time for them to create their own. Just like any other inventor, they started off with making a sketch of their design.  

Legasea and Zina's Butterfly design: They wanted to make the wings move!

Once their designs were completed they brought their creations to life!

Shane and Kejuan decorating their dragon: Their dragon had wings that could move and eyes that  glowed with LED Lights. 

Getting Things Moving:
Faith is creating a dog that has moving legs.
Hailey and Izzy are communicating and figuring out how to make their vision come to life!
Aren't they amazing?

Legasea and Zina brought their Butterfly to life with the help of Mr. DJ:

Over all, The Brashear Kids worked well together in small groups to get the job done. They were so polite, responsible and did a excellent job cleaning up. Week 1 of tech camp was a breeze. Stay tuned to see week 2 of tech camp and what The Brashear Kids will create next. 


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