Wednesday, April 5, 2017

SWSG -Jump-Into-Spring- Field Trip!

Greetings, bloggers! This weekend we had a wonderful field trip with the Strong Women, Strong Girls mentors and our young girls. What a great way to spend the first day of April!

Jump Into Spring was held at Pittsburgh's very own Oakland Catholic High School, where youth from all over the city gathered to celebrate the strides this program makes in student's lives. SWSG's has chapters in our home city as well as Boston. The relationships and mentor-ships they form between the volunteers and elementary aged girls throughout these cities is invaluable. 

We arrived via bus at the High School and were greeted by enthusiastic music, games, and even a giant balloon arch. As the girls passed through the rainbow arch mentors and staff applauded their arrival with loud cheers. Our group was able to experience all kinds of wonderful activities throughout the day, including dancing, exercise, crafting, face painting, and more! 

Above our students mingle and show off their jump-rope and hula-hoop skills!

 Some of our lovely students- Erin, Journey and Jerzie and  pictured above.

Jaylynn gave a great short speech on what she has learned from SWSG programming. 

 Our students really are so talented and bright- peek at their crafting galore!

You can't have a celebration without face painting. 

Or dancing! 

We ended our day with the Strong Women, Strong Girls chant- 
I am strong,
I am proud-
And I'm not afraid to 
Shout it out loud! 

-and left very grateful for the experience. Thank you, Strong Women, Strong Girls! 

In strength, 


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