Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Riding Bikes with Venture Outdoors

We are excited to share with you our first biking adventure of the year (thanks to Venture Outdoors)!  Before we began, we headed up the hill to one of our favorite spots, Grandview Park!  Shane tried on Mr. Ken's sunglasses; lookin' fresh!

When we arrived to the park, the students helped set up the obstacle course.  They loved getting creative with cones and oars! Before riding bikes it was a must to review bike safety.  Helmets should be worn while sitting on a bike, even if you aren't riding.  Our friends at Venture Outdoors gave each student a helmet.  Shane and Edwin posed for a picture before we got started =)

Then it was time to ride!  Since we had two bikes, our four students took turns. Setting up the obstacle course was a great opportunity to enhance our team work.

We are proud of Edwin for getting on a bike for a crash course in riding.  He did a great job listening to Mr. Ken's directions and can't wait for his next chance to ride.  Great job, Edwin!

Stay tuned for more fun with Venture Outdoors, including our summer camp this July and August!

Opt Outside!
- Anna

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