Tuesday, March 14, 2017

International Women's Day

This past Wednesday, March 8th, was International Women's Day- a day of recognition and remembrance of the movements for women's rights over the past century. Specifically, this year highlighted the 1909 strike of the International Ladies Garment Worker's Union in New York- who fought for equal rights in the workplace, in government, and at home.

While half of our student's were busy with Strong Women, Strong Girls programming, we gathered the boys into the back classroom to facilitate a discussion around this significant day. We discussed how many women were 'on strike' today here and internationally- and why this might be occurring. Our staff all sported red and black to honor this day!

These are difficult but necessary conversations to have, especially when bringing up the gender pay gap, the S.T.E.A.M. gap, and other issues of gender and racial inequality.

After our discussion, we passed out red paper to continue with our theme and asked our boys to write letters of appreciation to important women in their lives. The cards could also be for women in the neighborhood, such as our lovely crossing guard who ensures our safety each and every day, and the founder of A Giving Heart who runs a dinner program for the kids in our neighborhood throughout the week.

We loved doing this civics lesson with the boys, and hope it served as a reminder that awareness and appreciation makes a difference!

In solidarity, 


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