Friday, January 20, 2017

A Peek Inside Stuart Day Guitars

This past Wednesday, the 4th and 5th grade class took a short walk down Warrington to learn about one of the newest businesses in Allentown- Stuart Day Guitars. Stuart Day welcomed us into his store, had design-your-own-guitar coloring pages for students, and took small groups back into his work shop to see his tools and machines.

Student of the Week, Edwin, records Stuart Day introducing us to his guitars and his business as a luthier.

Stuart Day is a luthier, a guitar maker, who hand crafts each instrument in his workshop for international clients. Mr. Day remarked that he may only make 8-12 guitars a year with each selling somewhere between $7,000-30,000! His unique profession came after years of playing guitar, by attending a luthier school, and then, by an apprenticeship in California with a master guitar maker. Learn more about Mr. Day's journey to Warrington on his website.

Ms. Maggie joins a group of students as we tour Stuart Day's guitar work shop.

Field Trips like these help connect our students to the people in their neighborhood, provide them insight into careers that they may have never heard of before, or reveal a hidden interest that our staff may have not realized. One of our 5th graders, Jeffrey, shared that his grandfather worked on guitars! Jeffrey knew many of the tools in Mr. Day's workspace and had great questions about the guitar making process. Another student, Azare, remarked that "I may work for you when I get older."

Keep your eyes peeled this spring for more field trips & special guests, both in our neighborhood and beyond!

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